Monday, September 06, 2010

Future’s Artist and painters

Some children had send their paintings and drawings to me. I am publishing these as it is without any correction or changes. So please you observe and watch their Creations,art,skills and imagination also.And enjoy their colourful works.
Artist--Nitya Shefali
      Artist--Nitya Shefali    
                                                         Nitya shefali
                                                                      St dominic savio college
  Artist--Shreyash singh
      Artist--Shreyash singh

                Shreyash singh
                         St dominic savio colleg



  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for nice comments in my blog. I appreciate it:)
    I enjoy to see the different pictures children has made here. They are clever, and I also think it's important to listen to children. They are honest, and they are the future:)
    Greetings from Norway.


  2. Kaa-saa-ho, young people! Very nice art work... all of you!


  3. Hello, Please tell the children how good I think they are!! Very talented see the happiness.
    About Thalasemiya...thank you for bringing it to my attention. I had never heard of it, probably as I have discovered, it is more prevelant in Asia. However, I shall certainly research it much more, then write on it. I am wondering if your daughters suffer this?? if so then I am so very sorry to hear that. It is an extremely unusual illness. Hopefully I will find a better alternative to the treatment I have read about so the research hopefully will be rewarding.
    I wrote on a wonderful new CANCER cure that has been discovered in the rainforrests of northern Queensland. It has been sucessful in treating cancer in dogs and is currently being tested on humans. They are hoping to release it in about 18 months...I wrote about it a couple of months
    ago. Many blessings. CML

  4. Hemant,
    Thanks for your kind comment.

    The pictures are wonderful. Very impressive. How colorful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing!


  5. These are beautiful. So colorful and bright.