Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hey friends,

Hey friends,
                   Today I am starting new blog to reveal my inner child like self to you all. This inner kid jumps up in my mind as soon as a tiny little drop of rain touches my hand and he starts dancing on the rhythm of the falling rain. He gets curious whenever he sees a constellation of stars twinkling in the black sky or a shiny red-black lady bug roaming in my garden. He starts wondering –Where do they come from? Who made them? …..and a series of unanswered questions follows…..
               I am sure, you folks also have a curious ,little, naughty kid hidden behind your serious faces. So lets give this kid a chance to explore the untravelled, unknown horizons of the mysterious universe. I hope you will enjoy this adventurous journey.
                              Good luck !!!
Hemant Kumar

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  1. I visited your new blog children's heaven.Its realy very attractive and nice blog. I wish for sucsess of your new effort for children.