Saturday, July 23, 2011

Future’s Artist and painters Part---3

Every child is very special and innovative in this word. Children have their own imagination, own creation .They don’t need any disturbance or interference from elders. They are strong willed, hence Whatever they decide they do it. They don’t like any Question at the time of their creation .But they only need our words of appreciation and inspiration…so please tell them how beautiful their creations priceless their designs are. Have a look on these younger artist’s work……..

Arnav Yash Srivastav
Jr k.G.
Gopal sharma school

St Marry convent School

                                                   Artist---Shreyash singh
                                                 St dominic savio college

                                                            Artist---Nitya shefali
                                                           St dominic savio college

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Silence of rain

O mother
How lovely and pleasant the weather is today
It’s calling me
Please allow me
To go out in the garden.

Peacock is dancing
Flowers are smiling with
Their refreshed cheerful faces
Plants and trees are creating
A whistling sounds
With their extreme beauty
Every life on earth is
Dancing to the rhythm of
Rain’s sweet music
So why not me?
Mother please allow me to go
Out in the garden

Though the thunder
Of the clouds and lightening bolts 
Are frightening
But the peace of rain’s music
Is superb
and its overlapping the
Hammering sound of clouds
make it less frightening.

I also want to dance
To rain’s music
Want to float paper boats
In the small pond of our garden
Want to chase the jumping frogs
Want to join the orchestra of
Rain’s music
Tree’s whistling
Peacock’s and flower’s dance
And cloud’s hammering
Lightening sounds.
So please allow me to
Go out in the garden
O my sweetest mother
Please allow me……
Poetess----Neha shefali