Thursday, December 22, 2011

World Tour

Chicken,rat and beetle were good friends.They always helped each other in times of problems.One morning they were playing in a field.Suddunly they saw a frog was coming towards them.He was jumping furiously.
Chicken asked him,‘friend seems like you are in a hurry.Where are you going?’
     ‘I am on a world tour.’frog told proudly.
‘Wow... world tour....?can we join you?’ant asked him in verySweet voice.
‘Why not...?In fact i was searching for some friends who could join me on this tour.I will be happy if you all accompany me.’frog Answered cheerfully.
‘Ok...let’s go with him.We will also see the world.’chicken said.Ant eager to explore the outside world said, ‘yes yes..the world is a very very big place.We will see new things in this tour.’
     Finaly they all started thier tour.After a long run of hundreds of miles they reached at bank of a beautiful lake.
 ‘O my God...this pond is so big...’rat exclaimed in amazement.‘ dear friend,it’s not a pond.It’s a big lake.’beetle told him.
‘ how will we cross this lake?asked ant,getting a little worried.‘Very simple...we can swim across the lake.’...frog suggested.

Then rat,chicken,ant and bettle all four said, ‘but we don't know friend.’
Frog laughed on them and said, ‘you don't know swimming then go back to homes.’ And he jumped in water.
All four friends disliked his rude behavior.They felt very upset.After deep thought they started searching for a way to solve this problem.
          After long prosses of thinking and discussion,they found a way. All friends dispersed in different directions for some time. 
After an hour they met again.Rat brought a skull of chestnut. 

Chicken came with some big leaves of papaya.

And  ant returned with a small stick.Beetle came at the last with a long thread.
                        All friends started making a boat.They fixed the skull of chestnut,the papaya leaves were tied to the thread like a row. And within no time,they successfully made a beautiful boat.

Ant cried with joy, ‘Now we can cross the lake.’

The boat swiftly drifted lake’s water and the four of them sat peacefully in the boat.Rat started rowing the boat slowly.and the boat moved towards it’s destination.

                                       Story&Layout--Neha Shefali

 Illustrations--Alka Dixit

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ways to live a life

Rich in sacrifice,
A smiley slice,
With the extracts of encouragement & power,
This is how God’s grace will shower.

The whole of happiness,
And pinch of sorrows,
Can make life livable,
So,these you may borrow.

Living for others,
As well as for yourself,
Will give you a peaceful &
Satisfactory health.

So,live every moment,
Of your life,
With compassion as your friend,
And honesty as your wife-----.


Nitya Shefali
St. Dominic Savio College

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Festivals season

Festivals come
To boost our lives
Festivals come
To renovate our lives
Festivals come
To awake our dreams
Festivals come
To remake our lives.

Festivals come
To recharge our souls
Festivals come
To start new projects
Festivals come
To refresh our thoughts
Festivals come
To create new feelings.

Festivals come
To paint our faces
Festivals come
To make new dresses
Festivals come
To cook new dishes
Festivals come
To make new wishes.

Festivals come
To sing new songs
Festivals come
To step new dance
Festivals come
To play new flutes
Festivals come
To give us salutes.

So welcome all festivals
With your feelings
With full emotions
With your heart
With your soul
With your free spirits
With your blessings.

Be the part of the festiv’s joy
Melody and music
Dance on their rythms
Achieve your goals
Achieve sweet dreams.
Hemant Kumar

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Future’s Artist and painters Part---3

Every child is very special and innovative in this word. Children have their own imagination, own creation .They don’t need any disturbance or interference from elders. They are strong willed, hence Whatever they decide they do it. They don’t like any Question at the time of their creation .But they only need our words of appreciation and inspiration…so please tell them how beautiful their creations priceless their designs are. Have a look on these younger artist’s work……..

Arnav Yash Srivastav
Jr k.G.
Gopal sharma school

St Marry convent School

                                                   Artist---Shreyash singh
                                                 St dominic savio college

                                                            Artist---Nitya shefali
                                                           St dominic savio college

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Silence of rain

O mother
How lovely and pleasant the weather is today
It’s calling me
Please allow me
To go out in the garden.

Peacock is dancing
Flowers are smiling with
Their refreshed cheerful faces
Plants and trees are creating
A whistling sounds
With their extreme beauty
Every life on earth is
Dancing to the rhythm of
Rain’s sweet music
So why not me?
Mother please allow me to go
Out in the garden

Though the thunder
Of the clouds and lightening bolts 
Are frightening
But the peace of rain’s music
Is superb
and its overlapping the
Hammering sound of clouds
make it less frightening.

I also want to dance
To rain’s music
Want to float paper boats
In the small pond of our garden
Want to chase the jumping frogs
Want to join the orchestra of
Rain’s music
Tree’s whistling
Peacock’s and flower’s dance
And cloud’s hammering
Lightening sounds.
So please allow me to
Go out in the garden
O my sweetest mother
Please allow me……
Poetess----Neha shefali

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My sweet village

O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared
I always miss you.....

Many times I searched you in
Concrete’s jungle of city
I searched you in my home’s
Nearby parks
I searched you on my computer’s screen
And also tried to search you on
Long black charcoal roads
But alas……
I could’nt found you any where.
O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared?

Some times I try to search you
In my defused memories
Some times in my dreams
Some times also try to search you
In my books,charts and maps
But alas…….
I always fail in my all attempts
To find you.
O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared?

O, my sweet village
At least for once
I want to meet you
Want to go back
To my childhood
Want to play again
In your muddy lanes
Want to run in yellow mustard fields
Chasing colorful butterflies
Want to climb the mango trees
Want to taste sweet blackberries
Of my garden
Want to inhale the fresh air
In my soul
Filled with the sweet fragrance of
Jasmine, magnolia, marigold
And rose flower’s.

O,my sweet village
Give me a chance to meet you
I want to live my sweetest time
Which I had spent in your loving lap.
Hemant Kumar

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grand mother

Grand mother…
O my grand mother
Where are you
Where are your sweet songs…
Where is your sweet food…..?

I always miss your soft touch
On my forehead
I always miss your fairy tales
At the bed time
Where is that blue sky
And Full moon light
The soothing shade
Of those mango trees…?

Grand mother….o my grand mother
Where are you ?

I always remember my childhood
And the time I spent with you….
My tear swollen eyes for want of food
And your sweet words “wait my prince.
 I am baking breads for you”
And your fingers getting burnt
From the frying pan due to hurry…..

And I also remember your sweet lulla-bys
Which you always sang to me at dinner time
To feed me ....with your loving hands
Will these things never return…
Can you not come back to me…?

Grand mother….o my grand mother
Where are you
Where are your sweet songs…..?
Hemant kumar 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


                    There was a girl  named Salma. She lived with her parents in a small house. Her brother’s name was Saleem. Salma used to call her brother Sallu.
          Salma used to get up early each morning. After getting ready she would go to her school. After returning from school and having lunch she used to take rest. In the evening all her friends would come to her home.
     Raju,deenu,sheela,Paro and Maku. And then they would play games. All  children enjoyed this a lot.
        In summer their schools closed for vaccation. Now these children started getting bored. They did’nt know how to spend their long vacation. To them,their homes felt like jails. Their parents were not allowing them to go out during the day time because of the warm winds. They were allowed to play only in evenings.
        One day Salma’s maternal aunt came to live with her for a few days. She was a teacher in a school. Children again started enjoying their vacation because of her. They always gathered around Salma’s aunt. Some children wanted to hear fairy tails. Others choice was to hear ghost stories. Some wanted to play outdoor games with her. Children enjoyed a lot for ten days. Their most demanding activity was to hear ghost stories from aunt.
         On Sunday Salma’s aunt took them to an exhibition. They enjoyed the exhibition a lot. Some boys and girls purchased clay toys, some purchased musical toys, and some brought only sweets and ice-creams. But salma’s nature was different from other friends. She was not interested in toys or candy. She wanted to spend her money on some thing different and useful. Suddenly her eyes got fixed on a book shop. And she went there. She selected some picture story books and purchased four of them.
       When Salma returned to her aunt she laughed and asked her, “What will you do with these books?”
                “ O, these books…..I will read these stories after you go back to your village.” Aunty laughed again.
                 After some days Salma’s aunty went back to her village. Salma and her friends again started getting bored. They wondered how they would spend their vacations, kill their time.
       Raju said, “come on we will play…”
“Hm…..that we do daily.” Paro wade a face. Maiku suggested to revise their school work.
“…summer vacations are meant for enjoying not for studying.” Sheela cried.
   “Then what else can we do now?” someone asked restlessly.
   Suddenly Salma remembered the story books which she had purchased from that exhibition.
“listen, I have an idea. I have some story books.” Salma rejoiced.
   “hm…so what are we going to do with those books.” Maiku asked.
     To this Salma said, “Someone will read the stories and all of us will listen. This will be a great time pass and we will gain knowledge too.”
 Everybody agreed to this suggation.
          Next day onwards, all friends would gather at Salma’s place in the afternoon. There they would enjoy the stories and snacks, thereby having a great time.
Hemant Kumar

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New picture story book in hindi

My this book is avelable in 4 languages--Hindi,Kannad,Telagu and Marathi.

633-634,4th "c"Main,6th B cross,OMBR Layout