Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Future’s Artist and painters Part---2

Children are most precious gift given by god to mankind.They watch the things around us and creates so many dimensions of their imaginations.They explores all their imaginary power and creates new things beyond our thoughts.

          Today I am portraying before you a little exhibition of some kids.Though I am publishing them but here I am using word exhibition.Because they need your appreciation and attention. So,please look through their creations and enjoy with us.


St Marry convent School


Nitya shefali
St dominic savio college


Mukti raj

St dominic savio college

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sugar candy

Cockroach,Cricket,fly and little Ant were best friends.Whole day they enjoyed and played in their homes.Their movement starts in the darkness of night.One dark night they moved from their homes.
      At first Cockroach reached in the kitchen.Then Cricket came.Both were in search of food.They were thinking about the place where they could get food.In the mean time fly also joined them.They started their discussion.
             “ Friends, on which way we can go today?” cockroach asked.
             “ On that way.”Cricket answered.
             “Oh no, there are only potatoes.I don’t like potato.I want any sweet dish today.”cockroach told them.
            “O.K. then we can go behind that almeerah.”Cricket suggested them.
And all three moved in that direction.They saw the sweet sugar candy kept  there.They were going on the way suddenly two big ants blocked there way.Cricket was afraid.But Cockroach and fly were normal.They decided to face the problem.
           “Please,don’t bite us.We will give you sweet sugar candies.Cockroach tried to brive them.
             “sugar candy---?where is it---?”Both ants cried with curiosity.
             “There ---behind  almeerah-----“ cockroach replied.
             All four of them started moving together.Cockroach was ahead and others were following him.Suddenly Cockroach stopped.His moustaches were shaking.
   “What happened?”ants enquired.The Cockroach replied,”there is danger ahead….a cobweb.”
 The Ants again cried,”now what?How will we get our sugar candies?”
To this the Cricket replied,”apply your brains.Think of a solution.”
Ants suggested that they could jump over the web.
“o…no ..fools if you will try ..surely you will get stuck in the web.”Cockroach told with anger.
                Every body started thinking.The Ants tried to think while rubbing their feet to the ground.The cricket was getting impatient and was continuosly flapping its wings while thinking a solution.Cockroach’s moustaches started shaking.
        Suddenly,cricket saw a broken broom.”Every body follow me..”he shouted with excitement.
         Now all four of them were busy pulling out a stick from the broom.“come on”,”yes pull it tightly”….”little more strength and we will be done.”All were shouting.
   After a while the stick was in their hands.They moved with that stick towards the web.And tried to pull the web down.After two attempts they succeeded in pulling it down.
The spider got scared thinking that there was any earthquake. And she escaped to a hole.
        Now they were all by themselves. All four of them jumped together to grab the candy.
Hemant Kumar


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teen aged boy

He is a teen aged boy
Waiting to see a life full of joy.

He starts his morning
With a sip of tea
And explores the whole night
Floating on the wheels of
The dense cigarette smoke.

He pumps the air in
Cycle’s tubes
He washes the plates in the road side restraint
He picks pockets in local trains
He blacks the cinema tickets
He plays with a knife
With his wounded fingers
He has blown all his worries in
cigarette smoke.

He is a teen aged boy
waiting to see a life full of joy.

His dreams are compressed in  a
Colorful  balloon
he watches the flying balloons
with his blank and emotionless eyes
some times he watches the
direction of wind
which sends his dreams to
God’s place hoping that
God will return his balloons
Full of joy and happiness for his life.

He is a teen aged boy
waiting to see a life full of joy.
Hemant kumar

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help me…….

                       0 These children are fortunate because they go to school.

0 These children are loved by their parents and society.

0 These children are getting health care from this society.

0 all these facilities are provided to them so that they remain happy and healthy.

Then why can’t I get the same love and affection from the society….why do they disown me???
 Please give me a chance to grow,to live life, to get loved by some one,
to get good health and education,to be happy,…..Please help me…….
…………I hope you will do it soon.

Author---Neha Shefali

Friday, October 08, 2010

An evening with Ganges

How beautiful  are
the banks of Ganges.

Usually I sit in evening
on the bank of holy Ganges
dipping my feet in
its clean and deep water
many beautiful thoughts and feelings
come in my mind and heart
with every waves of  the holy water.

I watch the sun again
and  yet again
sun changes into a red shining ball
it takes a dive in
the deep golden water of Ganges
promising to see me
the next morning.

I watch the fisherman’s
clothless kids diving
from heights in the Ganges water
without any fear
as they have faith in the mother Ganga
that she will always nurse them
in her lap.

Children start swimming
like a group of golden fish
some water birds also
follow the kids
tries to
defeat the boats
which are competing with them.

I start comparing their lieves
With golden fishes
And suddenly a train
Starts whistling on the bridge
Telling me

Our life’s journey Is colorful
like the golden gleaming sun,
The blue water,fishes and these children,
We are supposed to
move on and on,
Just like a train.

How beautiful
are the banks of ganges.
Hemant kumar

Sunday, October 03, 2010


A big old tamarind tree stood at the outskirts of a village. Its branches were so thick that nobody could climb it. This tree was the house of many small and beautiful birds. Many birds like parrot, pigeon, cuckoo, magpie, golden bird lived on this tree. All the birds were good friends. They always played together, sang together, and made sweet music.
      One fine sunny morning all these birds were playing and singing. Suddenly, a woodpecker came and sat on a nearby tree and watched the birds play and dance together. Those birds hardly noticed him. After a few minutes, he went to them and requested, “ Friends, I am alone in this world. I have no home. Can you give me shelter? Can I also be your friend?”
       All birds stopped their game and gathered near the woodpecker. The crow said in his rough voice, “ get lost….we don’t have any place for dirty and ugly fellows.”
       “We don’t need your friendship”, Hari parrot shouted. Ultimately the woodpecker went away from there. He was really upset with their rude behavior.
         Next morning all the birds went in search of their food. At the same time, a wicked hunter came there. He carefully observed the huge tree and thought, “ Wow!! I think many birds must be living here. This tree can surely bring me some profit.”
         He thought for a few minutes and then threw his net on the whole tree and hid in the nearby bushes.
          In the evening, all the birds returned to their homes. As they started sitting on the branches, they all got trapped in the net. The wicked hunter was very happy. He folded his net and went away. At home, he shifted the poor birds in a wooden box and said, “Sweet friends, sleep here till morning. And then I will sell all of you to your new masters.” And after locking the box, he went to sleep.
        All birds started crying and weeping. Hari parrot tried to console them. But none of them listened. At last, he shouted, “Don’t weep friends. Lets try to face this problem with courage.” All the birds nodded. They started discussing the ways through which they could escape.
       Suddenly, they heard a knocking sound on the wooden box. They stopped murmuring and listened. The sound grew louder and louder. Hari parrot asked, “who is there?”
        But there was no reply. And the knocking continued. They got scared.
         Suddenly they saw a very big hole in the wall of the box. And a face appeared there. It was the face of the poor woodpecker. He whispered “Don’t be afraid…I am your friend. I have come to save your lives. I have made a hole in the wall of this box. Now you can come out one by one.”
         All the birds came out safely. They started going out through the open window. The woodpecker said to them, “ ok friends…bye bye.”
        Hari parrot told him,” why bye???? you will also come with us. We were wrong. You saved our lives. Now you will live with us because you are our dear friend.”
        And all the birds flew with the woodpecker as the open sky was inviting them to fly with their new friend.
Hemant kumar

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every night

Every night
a  knocking sound
is heard
on my room’s window.

the window opens
And a gust of wind
rushes in my room.

The wind fills my room
with the sweet smell of
jasmine,magnolia and rose.

But before I can store that smell
in my mind heart and soul
A second gust of wind
comes in room
and takes that sweet smell
towards my neighbour’s  window.
Hemant Kumar

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Save children

Jumping children
Dancing children
Singing children
Clapping children.

Playing children
Running children
Fat children
Thin children.

Happy children
Sad children
Crying children
Smiling children.

My children
Your children
white children
Black children.

Here children
There children
Village children
Urban children.

Love children
Nurse children
Teach children
Save children.
Poetry By--Nitya shefali

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegitarian Lion

                        Gabaroo lion was too old.His mouth was totally teethless.So he was unable to eat any thing.Feets were so week that he could not walk. His whole body was going weak to weaker day by day. So he was always feeling sad. He was always thinking what I will eat? How will I survive?
                           One day he called a meeting of all animals of jungle. He showed his teeth less mouth and jaws and told, “Friends, as you are seeing  I am unable to eat any hard food. So please bring any soft food for me that I can eat without teeth.”
                        All animals replied, “Yes Lord, we will bring some thing soon.” and all returned to their homes.All started thinking,started discussions.What we should give to Gabaroo lion?What type of food would he like?
                         Next day dog brought bread(Chapaties) for lion.Lion became very happy.But breads were too hard.Liondid not succeed in eating breads. 
                                                 In noon horse came with fresh and green grass.Lion smelled and told with unhappy face, “hmmm.. grass is not my food.How can I eat this?”
                         In eveaning Puccy cat brought a pot full of sweet milk.Lion tested milk, but did,nt like it.
                         Two days passed.But Gabaroo lion did’nt like any food.A small squrrel came with Almonds and Chestnuts.Lion was very happy to see that.But alas…..he could not eat Almonds os Chestnuts.
                         Gabaroo roared with anger.All animals gathered on the spot with fear. Lion shouted, “You all are not taking care of your king ? Have you forgotten me?You want to die me of hunger?”
                          “Lord ! we will solve your problem very soon.”Animals tried to convince him.
                     “O Dear monkey, you always traveled in human’s colonies.Search some thing from there.”Gabaroo lion shouted to monkey.
                                  ”Yes, lord king,I promise to bring some thing for you till evening.”told monkey.And he went through thin branches of tree.All animals thought,let us see monkey will provide what type of food to Gabaroo?
                              In evening lion lion was sitting in front of his cave/dane.His condition was very bad due to hunger.Suddunely monkey jumped from tree. He had a bunch of yellow bananas in his hands. Banana’s sweet smell provoked lion’s hunger. Monkey peel a Banana and feed that to Gabaroo’s teethless mouth.Monkey peeled Bananas one by one and fed him all. At last his hunger was subsided.He roared again with joy and happyness.All animals gathered there again.
                “My dear friend,you bring this sweet fruit daily and feed me….”told Gabaroo lion to monkey.
                            And from that time monkey brings daily big bunch of banana for him.And Gabaroo lion also very happy.One more thing ---from that time monkies also traveleing in human’s colonies in search of any new food items for their king Gabaroo.
Hemant Kumar


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How beautiful is sky

Somewhere blue,
somewhere red
Somewhere cloudy,
how beautiful is the sky.

Long long distances,
at the end of the horizon
Sky, blue sky and,
 only beautiful blue sky.

In the sun light
Its converted in a play ground
For many sweet and beautiful birds
Where they play, jump take a dive,
And arrange a music concert.

In the dark nights
When all of us enjoy our dreams
The sky looks like a silver plate
Where moon starts dancing
With infinite twinkling stars.

Some times colours make different shapes
On the wall of this blue sky
Some lions some elephants start
their parade in this sky.

Suddenly these elephants and lions
Start colliding with winds coming from hills
And the rain starts spraying water on earth
A beautiful rainbow appears in the sky
How amazing and beautiful
Is the sky.
Somewhere blue somewhere red
How beautiful is the sky.

Poem By—Neha Shefali
Posted By—Hemant Kumar

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Search of Home

                                     The  most  beautiful  home in jungle was Chunmun rabbit’s home.Chunmun was so cute.And his house was also cute like him.
                             One day an elephant named Ramu passed by his house.He saw Chunmun’s house and thought---it,s so nice and airy.I should have a home like this.
                Immediately he called Chunmun and told him,“ from today, this beautiful airy house is mine and I will live here .”
             “What? In my house? But it’s to small.”rabit replied with fear.
          Ramu elephant looked at the house thoughtfully.First from left and then from right side to.“o,yes it’s too small for me.”He said to Chunmun rabit and walked away to look for other house.
         Ramu went to the ant’s colony.He tried to peep in their small houses.Ants  explained him,“your body is too  big.So try to search big house.
        Elephant walked towards the hill. Jackale’s cave looked really big. He walked around the cave.But he did,nt find it very comfortable. All the jackals told him,“Brother Ramu you are too fat and big.So please search a big very big house.”
            Ramu elephant get angry.and went away.Now ramu was standing under a Tamarind tree.A weaverbird peeped out from her nest and requested,“O big brother,please don’t disturb us. Because we are tired and are resting.”
          “Hummm…… no one wants to give me his house.Where will I live?” Ramu elephant cried in anger.He walked away in the fields.
            He saw some rats playing out side their home. “o,no….no…. I can not  live here. It’s a dirty place.” He thought and went ahead.
      Now ramu thought,“Wow…..Lion is my best friend.And his home is big also.Why  did’nt I think of this before?”
      He went to the Lion’s cave.the cave was impty.He thought,“nice!it’s a good time.”He entered quickly in the cave.
     But it was his bad luck.His back crushed in the cave’s roof.He got stuck there.Nither could he go forward nor could he move back. He tried again and again.
               Ultimately he was thrown out by his own force.He stood under a tree and took a deep breath.
                “O god…!I was wrong.I am too big and fat.So I can not fit any body’s house.My home is an open field. The whole Jungle,hills and ….open fields. I can go and live any where.”Ramu elephant told him self.And he moved towards the river for a bath.
Hemant Kumar

Monday, September 06, 2010

Future’s Artist and painters

Some children had send their paintings and drawings to me. I am publishing these as it is without any correction or changes. So please you observe and watch their Creations,art,skills and imagination also.And enjoy their colourful works.
Artist--Nitya Shefali
      Artist--Nitya Shefali    
                                                         Nitya shefali
                                                                      St dominic savio college
  Artist--Shreyash singh
      Artist--Shreyash singh

                Shreyash singh
                         St dominic savio colleg