Sunday, December 16, 2012


Never seen an image as u,
Never met a person lyk u,
I know u r with me always,
But still I wish u were here,
Still I feel Ur presence everywhere.
Can’t think of maths without u,
Can’t enjoy Pi’s life without u,
U r & will b my inspiration,
I’ll always b wanting from u,
A never ending motivation.
U r sitting too far,
And here…I’m sitting,
Missing Ur tight scolding;
Missing Ur slight slaps,
And the moments while studying,
When u dozed off 2 get some naps.
Ur anger-melting smile
Is missed by me,
Ur voice is missed too,
And m madly trying
To become lyk u.
U made me smile whenever I cried,
U helped me out whenever I struggled,
And today when I did maths
It made my mind getting puzzled.
Now I can just wish
For Ur endless happiness.
But still I’ll really miss
Those notorious moments with u;
As my wish for u,
Won’t fill my loneliness.
Again I wanna say,
Dat I know u r with me always
But still I wish u were here;
Still I feel Ur presence everywhere.

With endless love,
To my sis.
Who is & will be mine in the coming ages that I’ll live.

Nitya shefali
9—c,St. Domenic Savio Collage

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Future’s Artist and painters Part---4

Children are most precious gift given by god to mankind.They wach the things around us and creates so many dimentions of their imaginations.They explores all thierimaginary power and creates new things beyond our thoughts.
          Today I am portraying before you a little exhibition of some kids.(Though I am publishing them but here I am using word exibetion.Because they need your appreciation and attention.) So,please look through their creations and enjoy with us.

Artist--Arnav Yash Srivastav
Sr k.G.
Gopal sharma school

Saroj shiksha Montessory

St Marry convent School

Artist---Nitya shefali
St dominic savio college

Saturday, January 28, 2012


They dwell in our minds,
They stay in our hearts,
These special feelings,
Are known as thoughts.

Thoughts may comes,
Thoughts may go,
They never need permission,
For ever presence to show.

Thoughts can make someone happy,
Thoughts can make someone sad,
’Coz thoughts are feelings,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Pursue your thoughts,
Listen to your heart,
If you wanna be true,
In life’s every part.

So, never blame your thoughts & never think wrong,
’Coz wrong thoughts may stop your life’s merry song.
Nitya Shefali
St. Dominic Savio College.