Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sugar candy

Cockroach,Cricket,fly and little Ant were best friends.Whole day they enjoyed and played in their homes.Their movement starts in the darkness of night.One dark night they moved from their homes.
      At first Cockroach reached in the kitchen.Then Cricket came.Both were in search of food.They were thinking about the place where they could get food.In the mean time fly also joined them.They started their discussion.
             “ Friends, on which way we can go today?” cockroach asked.
             “ On that way.”Cricket answered.
             “Oh no, there are only potatoes.I don’t like potato.I want any sweet dish today.”cockroach told them.
            “O.K. then we can go behind that almeerah.”Cricket suggested them.
And all three moved in that direction.They saw the sweet sugar candy kept  there.They were going on the way suddenly two big ants blocked there way.Cricket was afraid.But Cockroach and fly were normal.They decided to face the problem.
           “Please,don’t bite us.We will give you sweet sugar candies.Cockroach tried to brive them.
             “sugar candy---?where is it---?”Both ants cried with curiosity.
             “There ---behind  almeerah-----“ cockroach replied.
             All four of them started moving together.Cockroach was ahead and others were following him.Suddenly Cockroach stopped.His moustaches were shaking.
   “What happened?”ants enquired.The Cockroach replied,”there is danger ahead….a cobweb.”
 The Ants again cried,”now what?How will we get our sugar candies?”
To this the Cricket replied,”apply your brains.Think of a solution.”
Ants suggested that they could jump over the web.
“o…no ..fools if you will try ..surely you will get stuck in the web.”Cockroach told with anger.
                Every body started thinking.The Ants tried to think while rubbing their feet to the ground.The cricket was getting impatient and was continuosly flapping its wings while thinking a solution.Cockroach’s moustaches started shaking.
        Suddenly,cricket saw a broken broom.”Every body follow me..”he shouted with excitement.
         Now all four of them were busy pulling out a stick from the broom.“come on”,”yes pull it tightly”….”little more strength and we will be done.”All were shouting.
   After a while the stick was in their hands.They moved with that stick towards the web.And tried to pull the web down.After two attempts they succeeded in pulling it down.
The spider got scared thinking that there was any earthquake. And she escaped to a hole.
        Now they were all by themselves. All four of them jumped together to grab the candy.
Hemant Kumar



  1. A sweet story, Hemant. Animal stories are my favourite.

  2. ...
    वाह! वाह! हेमंत जी किस बचपन में ले आये आप हमें और कितने प्यारे अंदाज़ में ... काश! मेरे पास कहानी कह पाने का कोई अंदाज़ होता ..क्या मैं आपका दोस्त हूँ ?

  3. ...यह तस्वीर किसने बनाई है ..जिसने भी बनाई है अच्छी बनाई है ..आपकी बेटियों से मिलना और भी अच्छा लगा.. मेरा स्नेह उन तक प्रेषित कर दें .. उनसे कहें यह कहानी हिंदी में लिख कर अपने इस दादू दोस्त के लिए भेजें .. आपका ब्लॉग तो मुझे अब पढ़ना ही पडेगा मगर धीरे धीरे !

  4. This stiry is very sweet indeed. Hemantji it has a valuable lesson for young and old. in unity there is strength.

    The picture is very appropriate.

  5. there is strength in unity and diversity to combine different talents and merge together.
    Like the photo graphics, nice art.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,


  6. Hi Hemant,

    Very cute story! lol... I can picture a cockroach, cricket and fly in a conversation just like this. Very funny.


  7. Nice and very iteresting story for will enjoy story.
    With best wishes.

  8. thanks for contenuing commenting in my blog...
    sorry i just have my time now because... i became busy!!! any way you have a very nice story...
    like they said it's really sweet...hehehehe:)
    have a wonderful day and God bless!!!

    Sr. Sheena

  9. Hi Hermant,
    It's really a sweet story... Not only children will interested in this story.. I could also enjoy the story...
    I can say it's about the story of togetherness
    or perhaps a mutual cooperation, where four of them have successfully achieve what they want (the sugar candy) by working together ...
    Thanks for telling us the story.

    wish you the best,

  10. I would jump on the candy also. Good choice. Well done again. Hugs CML

  11. Lovely story!
    Thanks so much for visiting my history blog!
    Many blessings!

  12. As always, I wonderful drawing and story. Very clever.

  13. Hope all is well there with the family.