Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jungle shop

                                Little monkey and fatty bear were close friends .Both always lived together, always played. Sometimes monkey climbed on the bear’s back and went for rides, at other times bear would catch monkey’s tail.
                              Little monkey brought daily new fruits for the bear .And the bear gave him sweet honey .Whenever any enemy disturbed them both would fighting and would punish them.
                              All the animals of the jungle liked their friendship .Only a dirty minded jackal was jealous of their friendship. He always thought of ways of spoiling their friendship.
               One day the little monkey and fatty bear were playing near a tall tree .Suddenly the monkey told to the bear---“friend ,I was thinking of opening a shop.”
          “Shop---? But why?” bear asked.
         “ For others---because only we both enjoy the taste of sweet honey and delicious fruits .But our other friends don’t know about the taste of honey and fruits .We could do this by opening a fruit honey shop.” Monkey told him.
             “wow---good idea .If our shop does good Business, we can earn some money also.” Bear cried.“OK ,then we can start it from tomorrow.” said the monkey.And both ran to make arrangements.
              Next day they started their shop. Fatty bear brought the honey and monkey brought many fruits .Monkey collected some big banyan leaves to make pots .A small rabbit came and painted the name of their shop.  Some sweet squirrel started making leave’s pots.Many birds also came and decorated their shop with colorful flowers .cuckoo started singing sweet songs.
                                             All animals of the jungle came to their Shop, to congratulate them .They also appreciated their planning .All friends were happy. Fatty bear and little monkey were enjoying their success.
                              But that dirty mind was very upset with all these happenings---the jackal .His dirty brain started conspiring against their shop .He thought, “if I destroy the long Bee hive then they will not get honey and their shop will not do well.” But his dirty mind could not think other results.
                                One morning when monkey and bear were enjoying on Their shop,the jackal went to bee hive with a long stick. He started poking the stick in the hive. Honey bees got angry. Because they were being disturbed in their home unnecessarily So all honey bees attacked the jackal. They started biting him.
  The jackal ,shocked and frightened with  this sudden attack, started crying for help and mercy. But his bad time was on. So neither anyone came for help and nor bees showed mercy.
            Ultimately the jackal had to run for his life. He kept on running without looking back. The monkey and bear continued with their shop, happily ever after.
Hemant Kumar

Monday, August 09, 2010

My Sweet home

Home my sweet home,
I love my sweet home.

I like my home not because,
It has a very beautiful look,
But it is own home,
That’s why I love my home.

Home my sweet home,
I love my sweet home.

When ever I feel tiered,
After running here and there,
My mother lies on a cot with me,
As she starts singing a folk song,
I ask for more songs,
With my sleepy eyes,
That’s why I love my home.

Home my sweet home,
I love my sweet home.

My home converts into Heaven,
On  every holiday,
My elder sister plays with me,
My brother starts dancing with me,
My father always tell me
New adventurous stories,
That’s why I love my home.

Home my sweet home,
I love my sweet home.

Poetess – Nitya

Published and designed by-- Hemant Kumar

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hey friends,

Hey friends,
                   Today I am starting new blog to reveal my inner child like self to you all. This inner kid jumps up in my mind as soon as a tiny little drop of rain touches my hand and he starts dancing on the rhythm of the falling rain. He gets curious whenever he sees a constellation of stars twinkling in the black sky or a shiny red-black lady bug roaming in my garden. He starts wondering –Where do they come from? Who made them? …..and a series of unanswered questions follows…..
               I am sure, you folks also have a curious ,little, naughty kid hidden behind your serious faces. So lets give this kid a chance to explore the untravelled, unknown horizons of the mysterious universe. I hope you will enjoy this adventurous journey.
                              Good luck !!!
Hemant Kumar