Saturday, July 23, 2011

Future’s Artist and painters Part---3

Every child is very special and innovative in this word. Children have their own imagination, own creation .They don’t need any disturbance or interference from elders. They are strong willed, hence Whatever they decide they do it. They don’t like any Question at the time of their creation .But they only need our words of appreciation and inspiration…so please tell them how beautiful their creations priceless their designs are. Have a look on these younger artist’s work……..

Arnav Yash Srivastav
Jr k.G.
Gopal sharma school

St Marry convent School

                                                   Artist---Shreyash singh
                                                 St dominic savio college

                                                            Artist---Nitya shefali
                                                           St dominic savio college


  1. Oh my! These are bright, colorful, and full of hope and great talent. Thanks for sharing these creations.

  2. beautiful colors of our future reflecting their art in a wonderful way.
    Hemantji, boosting their energy by promoting their pictures in blogs is an excellent way of making them smile, making us smile too:))

  3. Hementji, these childfren are future artists, creativity runs in their fingers.

    You are doing a good job in encouraging them.

    I am glad to see the Allahabad girl there I studied in the same school.


  4. These are wonderful contributions to the art world Hemant :) Thanks for sharing them. It's also a way to enhance their talents and see how free flowing their imaginations are.

    I truly love this :)

  5. Very colorful, detailed, simple yet well thought of. Beautiful art works children! Thank you for sharing them Hemant.

  6. These are very beautiful drawings...I saw this blog for the first time, and I'm totally impressed with I,m also a keen lover of drawing, painting, poems and story reading and that this Blog very much suits to'nt it..?..:-)

  7. All the drawings are very beautiful and its amazing to see all children who are so talented as well as creative. They are definitely going to be the future artist.
    You are welcome at my new post-

  8. So true Hermant, children are special and innovative, and don’t need interference or disturbance from elders. These are beautiful children… and bright, happy artwork. Look at what they can do on their own! Thank you for sharing this.
    ~ Many blessings

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