Sunday, December 16, 2012


Never seen an image as u,
Never met a person lyk u,
I know u r with me always,
But still I wish u were here,
Still I feel Ur presence everywhere.
Can’t think of maths without u,
Can’t enjoy Pi’s life without u,
U r & will b my inspiration,
I’ll always b wanting from u,
A never ending motivation.
U r sitting too far,
And here…I’m sitting,
Missing Ur tight scolding;
Missing Ur slight slaps,
And the moments while studying,
When u dozed off 2 get some naps.
Ur anger-melting smile
Is missed by me,
Ur voice is missed too,
And m madly trying
To become lyk u.
U made me smile whenever I cried,
U helped me out whenever I struggled,
And today when I did maths
It made my mind getting puzzled.
Now I can just wish
For Ur endless happiness.
But still I’ll really miss
Those notorious moments with u;
As my wish for u,
Won’t fill my loneliness.
Again I wanna say,
Dat I know u r with me always
But still I wish u were here;
Still I feel Ur presence everywhere.

With endless love,
To my sis.
Who is & will be mine in the coming ages that I’ll live.

Nitya shefali
9—c,St. Domenic Savio Collage


  1. A Beautiful Dedication.Well said!!

  2. How beautiful and heart-touching poem Shefali. Keep it up and never stop expressing what you have in your mind. Be blessed..always. Ramesh Tailang

  3. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.