Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grand mother

Grand mother…
O my grand mother
Where are you
Where are your sweet songs…
Where is your sweet food…..?

I always miss your soft touch
On my forehead
I always miss your fairy tales
At the bed time
Where is that blue sky
And Full moon light
The soothing shade
Of those mango trees…?

Grand mother….o my grand mother
Where are you ?

I always remember my childhood
And the time I spent with you….
My tear swollen eyes for want of food
And your sweet words “wait my prince.
 I am baking breads for you”
And your fingers getting burnt
From the frying pan due to hurry…..

And I also remember your sweet lulla-bys
Which you always sang to me at dinner time
To feed me ....with your loving hands
Will these things never return…
Can you not come back to me…?

Grand mother….o my grand mother
Where are you
Where are your sweet songs…..?
Hemant kumar 


  1. I miss my nana also and it has been way too many years. Very well written, A great tribute to grandmothers.

  2. so nice Hemantji, Grandmothers are a special part of our life. a lovely tribute to that special part.

  3. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

  4. You made me remember my Granny Hamant ji! I felt my childhood and days with granny, how she used to cook and made me eat!

  5. Dear Hemant,

    What a lovely poem! More people shoud stop racing on in this hectic time and reflect on things as pure as this poem...
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great Sunday!


  6. so sweet and lovely poem...Thanks

  7. Every place on the beautiful and varied mother earth are Grandmothers who offers us loving teachings so we may learn and be loving.


  8. सुन्दर भावनात्मक रचना । वर्ना आज दादी को कौन याद करता है न मीठे गाने ,न खाना खिलाते वक्त के गीत , दादी का राजा बेटा या राजकुमार कहना । वेट माइ प्रिन्स की जगह वेट माह राजकुमार कैसा रहता ।

  9. Very sweet and beautiful poem. Grandmothers are a very very special part of our life. I was thinking about my grandmother while reading your poem as I lost her 7 years before.

  10. Hello Hemanth ji,
    I went through your blog and realized that you have great interest in writing creatively and you love to write for children just like me. I am in the beginning stage of creating a blog, but have great interest in writing poems and stories, especially for kids. I look forward to read more of your stories and poems.

  11. I miss my grandmother after reading this. Good thing I still have grandmother on my papa's side.

    Anyways, Thanks for being the first one who commented on my first post!!

    Much appreciated, much love,
    FAYE <3

  12. Lovely poem, such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother!


  13. How beautiful Hemant, She was a special lady to you and you are so special to remember her. A lovely poem, vey kind thoughtful and loving.

  14. You are welcome at my new posts-

  15. Love, affection and respect for our elders are ingrained in us and in our society. These words bring back fond memories of my Dadi who loved me very much

    From Amrita

  16. I have no other words - just one...