Saturday, June 11, 2011

My sweet village

O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared
I always miss you.....

Many times I searched you in
Concrete’s jungle of city
I searched you in my home’s
Nearby parks
I searched you on my computer’s screen
And also tried to search you on
Long black charcoal roads
But alas……
I could’nt found you any where.
O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared?

Some times I try to search you
In my defused memories
Some times in my dreams
Some times also try to search you
In my books,charts and maps
But alas…….
I always fail in my all attempts
To find you.
O, my sweet village
Where have you disappeared?

O, my sweet village
At least for once
I want to meet you
Want to go back
To my childhood
Want to play again
In your muddy lanes
Want to run in yellow mustard fields
Chasing colorful butterflies
Want to climb the mango trees
Want to taste sweet blackberries
Of my garden
Want to inhale the fresh air
In my soul
Filled with the sweet fragrance of
Jasmine, magnolia, marigold
And rose flower’s.

O,my sweet village
Give me a chance to meet you
I want to live my sweetest time
Which I had spent in your loving lap.
Hemant Kumar


  1. This is sooo gooood!!!! Really touched me! Most of us would like to go back to the days of our youth to see people who are no longer here , to sit at the table and see, hear , smell and taste those meals and conversations that we no longer have but remember so well. Great job this was so real!!

  2. I had to read your profile and that brought a smile to my inner child seems to be so happy reading your post. It echoes nostalgia of what we used to do as children...

    I wish I could also go back and revisit "children's village" :)...

    Keep the children smiling through your works...:)

  3. Really very emotional and attractive post for children...and after reading this poem every one could like to go back in there childhood.

  4. Lovely poem Hemant.
    Thanks for your nice comments in my blog.
    Wish you a nice week:)
    Greetings from,

  5. This is a great poem, Hemant. A wonderful tribute to one's village.

  6. This is a beautiful nostalgiac poem Hemantji.

    Now adays villages are being swallowed up by SEZ townships, crazy highway projects and industrialization. We can see wha t is happening in Bhatta Parsaul

    From Amrita

  7. This is very good Hemant. But sad. It gives you that logning pain in your chest and triggers memories of bygone days from your youth. :) Well, done!

  8. Dearest Hemant,

    Thanks for your visit. This is a lovely poem; great job. Wish you lots of success.

    Kindest regards,


  9. Dear Hemant,
    I want to thank you for your nice comment in my blog. I appreciate it very much.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings from,


  10. Hermant

    Oh those oh so sweet years where did they go? and the thoughts that flood the mind in memory of what use to be, and if only to make every moment last they go by so fast.


  11. Hello Hemant, What a wonderful poem. I understand complete what you are saying. I myself grew up in a small village that has now changed so much I hardly recognise it. Yours may not have changed?? you may have moved away...but what we know as children is so differnet when we grew up. The beautiful part I believe, is the memories..I will always remember my village with a joy. Blessings to you.

  12. wow nice one ....i agree with poonam ji ...........