Thursday, September 09, 2010

Search of Home

                                     The  most  beautiful  home in jungle was Chunmun rabbit’s home.Chunmun was so cute.And his house was also cute like him.
                             One day an elephant named Ramu passed by his house.He saw Chunmun’s house and thought---it,s so nice and airy.I should have a home like this.
                Immediately he called Chunmun and told him,“ from today, this beautiful airy house is mine and I will live here .”
             “What? In my house? But it’s to small.”rabit replied with fear.
          Ramu elephant looked at the house thoughtfully.First from left and then from right side to.“o,yes it’s too small for me.”He said to Chunmun rabit and walked away to look for other house.
         Ramu went to the ant’s colony.He tried to peep in their small houses.Ants  explained him,“your body is too  big.So try to search big house.
        Elephant walked towards the hill. Jackale’s cave looked really big. He walked around the cave.But he did,nt find it very comfortable. All the jackals told him,“Brother Ramu you are too fat and big.So please search a big very big house.”
            Ramu elephant get angry.and went away.Now ramu was standing under a Tamarind tree.A weaverbird peeped out from her nest and requested,“O big brother,please don’t disturb us. Because we are tired and are resting.”
          “Hummm…… no one wants to give me his house.Where will I live?” Ramu elephant cried in anger.He walked away in the fields.
            He saw some rats playing out side their home. “o,no….no…. I can not  live here. It’s a dirty place.” He thought and went ahead.
      Now ramu thought,“Wow…..Lion is my best friend.And his home is big also.Why  did’nt I think of this before?”
      He went to the Lion’s cave.the cave was impty.He thought,“nice!it’s a good time.”He entered quickly in the cave.
     But it was his bad luck.His back crushed in the cave’s roof.He got stuck there.Nither could he go forward nor could he move back. He tried again and again.
               Ultimately he was thrown out by his own force.He stood under a tree and took a deep breath.
                “O god…!I was wrong.I am too big and fat.So I can not fit any body’s house.My home is an open field. The whole Jungle,hills and ….open fields. I can go and live any where.”Ramu elephant told him self.And he moved towards the river for a bath.
Hemant Kumar


  1. Interesting story, Hemant, I must ponder the meaning to apply to my own life. For I believe people are a lot like ants on a burning log, they will leave only till the fire is out then return to their log.

    Mother Earth is our nurturer, protector, our home in this big cosmic ocean we are spinning in, I shudder to think how little we love her in return -- for this is our only home and the home of our children that will inherit this earth.

    Have a lovely day, and thank you for commenting on my blog, your thoughts are always apreciated.


  2. very nice and interesting story... I like it...
    thank you very much...

  3. You hold a very importan t post in the Lucknow Doordarshan. Your daughters are very sweet

  4. Oh I love Ramu the elephant..I have always held a special place in my heart for elephants, because, they never forget. Big and beautiful. God bless your day and I write on the illness we spoke of next. CML

  5. This blog of Dr Hemant Kumar is a nice initiative with lot of possibilities. Congratulations
    Arvind dubey