Friday, September 24, 2010

Vegitarian Lion

                        Gabaroo lion was too old.His mouth was totally teethless.So he was unable to eat any thing.Feets were so week that he could not walk. His whole body was going weak to weaker day by day. So he was always feeling sad. He was always thinking what I will eat? How will I survive?
                           One day he called a meeting of all animals of jungle. He showed his teeth less mouth and jaws and told, “Friends, as you are seeing  I am unable to eat any hard food. So please bring any soft food for me that I can eat without teeth.”
                        All animals replied, “Yes Lord, we will bring some thing soon.” and all returned to their homes.All started thinking,started discussions.What we should give to Gabaroo lion?What type of food would he like?
                         Next day dog brought bread(Chapaties) for lion.Lion became very happy.But breads were too hard.Liondid not succeed in eating breads. 
                                                 In noon horse came with fresh and green grass.Lion smelled and told with unhappy face, “hmmm.. grass is not my food.How can I eat this?”
                         In eveaning Puccy cat brought a pot full of sweet milk.Lion tested milk, but did,nt like it.
                         Two days passed.But Gabaroo lion did’nt like any food.A small squrrel came with Almonds and Chestnuts.Lion was very happy to see that.But alas…..he could not eat Almonds os Chestnuts.
                         Gabaroo roared with anger.All animals gathered on the spot with fear. Lion shouted, “You all are not taking care of your king ? Have you forgotten me?You want to die me of hunger?”
                          “Lord ! we will solve your problem very soon.”Animals tried to convince him.
                     “O Dear monkey, you always traveled in human’s colonies.Search some thing from there.”Gabaroo lion shouted to monkey.
                                  ”Yes, lord king,I promise to bring some thing for you till evening.”told monkey.And he went through thin branches of tree.All animals thought,let us see monkey will provide what type of food to Gabaroo?
                              In evening lion lion was sitting in front of his cave/dane.His condition was very bad due to hunger.Suddunely monkey jumped from tree. He had a bunch of yellow bananas in his hands. Banana’s sweet smell provoked lion’s hunger. Monkey peel a Banana and feed that to Gabaroo’s teethless mouth.Monkey peeled Bananas one by one and fed him all. At last his hunger was subsided.He roared again with joy and happyness.All animals gathered there again.
                “My dear friend,you bring this sweet fruit daily and feed me….”told Gabaroo lion to monkey.
                            And from that time monkey brings daily big bunch of banana for him.And Gabaroo lion also very happy.One more thing ---from that time monkies also traveleing in human’s colonies in search of any new food items for their king Gabaroo.
Hemant Kumar



  1. what a concept.a real non violence thinking.

    the post deserve a accolade and in my opinion if there will be a Nobel price for best thinking category, this post will be the Winner.

    a really wonderful thought

  2. your stories are really very beautiful! keep writing for children- its a service to society!

    and thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. AWWW the pictures and story are so kind. Good on the monkey.. I cannot imagine a lion with no teeth.

  4. What a lovely story! Well done.