Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Butterfly butterfly
O, colourful butterfly.

Where did you come from,
And where will you go,
I don’t know,
Your where abouts.

But I know only,
Your lovely sweet colours,
I feel only your wing’s smoothness
On my face and in my heart,always.

Can you tell me,
Who painted your wings in amazing colours,
Can you tell me,
who gave smoothness to your wings.

O, lovely butterfly,
Don’t be afraid of me,
Come in my garden
And play with me.

Have a look at
 these colourful flowers,
Which I have planted
only for you.

I am assuring you,
I ‘ll not touch your wings,
And wo’nt give you
any harm.

Butterfly butterfly,
O,colourful butterfly.
Hemant Kumar


  1. Hello, Thankyou for visiting my Blog.
    Yours is so beautiful both the poem and the pictures.
    I will feature you on my site for a few weeks so others will get to know you.
    I pray you get may visits.
    Gods blessings be yours. Crystal Mary

  2. Hello again, So impressed with your pictures. I have put one of them on my Blog page with a referal back to your Blog. If you scroll down on the right side, you will find it. CML

  3. Beautiful poem for the young at heart.


  4. Nice thoughts and great pictures.Hi,thanks for taking time to visit my blog and giving your comments..